Thursday, 27 August 2015

Rubicon Models 1/56 Panther G

Recently I picked up a couple of the Achtung Cthulhu miniatures which are very reminiscent of things like the Wolfenstein PC games and other weird-WW2 sources.  But on their own they seem to lack any sort of focal point and needed a suitably speculative vehicle.

The Rubicon 1/56th Panther G is overall a good kit for 28mm figures.  It was a very quick build and with a crisp casting.  It seems a particular advantage of the Rubicon model over others that are cast in solid pieces is that it is effective in achieving the effect of the separate interleaved wheels while keeping the number of parts low and the kit simple.  This is done by the wheels being cast in strips with attaching pieces that are hidden once assembled.  The only disappointing aspect of the model are the tracks which are very crude both inside and out.  There are alternative parts offered in the kit but no explanation as to what the alternatives suggest in a finished model. I chose exhausts and engine deck parts based on photos of late war Panthers.  Overall a good kit with many good aspects, only let down by the appearance of the tracks.

Once finished I chose a speculative very-late-war and 'rushed out the factory' look to use lots of red oxide primer on the model, as well as a grey primer barrel.  Usually I would avoid such a colour scheme on a historical model but this felt good to play with something different.  Mostly the Panther was painted with Vallejo colours; Middlestone #118 for the yellow and Cavalry Brown #137 for the primer.

As it wasn't a historically accurate model, I took the opportunity to practice weathering streaks with oil paints and chipped paint effects dabbed on with a sponge, and likely will take this over to more serious modelling projects in future.

A very fun build -hopefully it will make a great terrain piece or focal point for a Weird-WW2 game at some point in the future.

A Panther defends the ruined Reichstag

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